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    ACSLS 8.4 config:  client won't connect



      Am trying to connect a client to ACSLS 8.4 but there is no reponse from client:


      Usually the acsss_event.log will have these entries when the client properly connects  (from acsls 8.2)

      2017-07-18 14:01:05 CSI[0]:

      2079 I csi_build_response.c 1 242

      ONC RPC: st_send_packet(): Sending first response to client


      -However on ACSLS 8.4 none of these messages are showing up.


      -The internet.addresses file does have a proper list of all the clients that connect.  (from db.import)


      -On the client side there is indication that there is a connection.  Just no RPC response from the ACSLS 8.4




      U of WA

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             Try read this: Troubleshooting   ( Testin Client Connections).


          Client initiate connectios to ACSLS, so not clear what mean: no reponse from client.


          File internet.addresses is not automaticaly filled.  It should be manualy edit in case you use  Access Control.


          What you can check for trubleshuting:

          - Check that ACSLS realy started  ( acsss status )

          - Are you use ACSLS access control ( Command Access Control) ?

              Enable logging for it.

                Access Control   (Logging Access Control Messages)


          - Use sniffer ( tcpdump ; snoop ) for analyse network traffic betwen  ACSLS server and client


          Do you have any firewall betwen ACSLS server and Client ?