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    Auto reinstate fails, after the failover Via observer


      We have 3 database on Primary server and 3 standby database configured accordingly. It is physical standby dataguard setup.

      Windows: Version - 64bit Production.


      DGMGRL configuration created separately for each database and performed the switchover testing and everything working fine.

      Observer configured and did the failover test. The standby become primary and it is up and running. 


      Now the problem ,

      The former primary is not coming up and auto reinstate failed. Manually started and mount the database, then the observer trying to do the auto reinstate, but it fails. Manual auto reinstate also failing. Autoreinstate parameter set as TRUE.


      DGMGRL> show configuration


      Configuration - dgconfig1


        Protection Mode: MaxPerformance


        sawprod_stdby - Primary database

        Warning: ORA-16829: fast-start failover configuration is lagging


        sawprod - (*) Physical standby database (disabled)

        ORA-16661: the standby database needs to be reinstated


      Fast-Start Failover: ENABLED


      Configuration Status:

      WARNING (status updated 2 seconds ago)


      DGMGRL> reinstate database sawprod << ==================================

      Reinstating database "sawprod", please wait...

      Error: ORA-16653: failed to reinstate database



      Reinstatement of database "sawprod" failed