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    E1 web login takes longer time than used to be through LDAP




                Recently , one of my client found out that his alarm email about E1 web login time says that it takes more than 5 seconds to log in web.he receives this mail at 5 am everyday and sometime other time during working hours.

                He has a script which execute every hour to record the time between pressing the "sign in" button and the picture of "ORACLE" shows up at top left corner using one certain account through LDAP(MS AD).

                If it takes more that 5 seconds he receives that mail.

                For last 2 year , he only received one mail per day at 5 am, i suppose it is the first time that account login during the same day, so probable some cache  cause that problem.

                But this year, some times he received more than one mail per day at random oclock.

                I have checked a lot of E1 setting and logs for this login issue, for this is not an error, so i don't get too much useful information for me to deal with it.

                Are there some ways to improve the performance of login through LDAP ?

                I need some idea to work on.