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    Credentials using wlst when extending domain with biee



      I try to extend a domain with oracle.bi-bieetemplate.jar and oracle.bi-bipsuitetemplate.jar template using wlst offline.

      When i update the domain i get the following error:




      Error updating domain:

      Invalid or missing credentials configuration.:

      The credentials configuration in your domain is invalid.:

      Correct the configuration.

      The required property is missing.

      Invalid property "Username" of Credential: value "" is invalid. The property value is required.

      Provide property value


      Is there any wlst command that sets the 2 missing credentials system.user and jms.queue.auth?


      I have already try to set them using createCred() from wlst online or using em and create them in credential store before i extend the domain  but the error remains.


      Thank you