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    E-Business Suite Purging Transaction Data




      Has anyone here ever tried to purge data in Oracle E-Business Suite? We want to remove transaction data older than 7 years. We have this document as a guide

      Reducing your Oracle E-Business Suite Data Footprint using Archiving, Purging and Information Lifecycle Management but the approach seems so general.

      What we plan is to reduce the data by purging(by module? is there a more specific approach? tried Transaction Purge but the size from dba_segments is the same after that) and then do a datapump to resolve highwatermark and fragmentation.



      E-Business Suite : 12.1.3


      Please advise. Thanks!

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          As you noted - when you delete data you're going to still have the same size in dba_segments, that space is just free for reuse.

          Some modules have specific notes on MyOracleSupport on purging data, however it's a bit of a dark art - as you'll no doubt be aware, data is so intertwined in EBS that it becomes very difficult to purge a specific time period accurately and consistently.

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            I am not 100% sure I agree.  I found IBE_CT_RELATED_ITEMS table was consuming 1.5 TB of space in dba_segments, used Note 753551.1 to purge it and immediately saw a decrease in dba_segments and tablespaces for APPS_TS_TX_DATA and APPS_TS_TX_IDX all of a sudden had 1.5 TB more free.  Still could not shrink datafiles due to high watermark, but at least had room for more growth.