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    Lookup Dimension in FDMEE


      Hi Experts!


      Altogether am a new to FDMEE, recently started work on FDMEE.


      Am trying to achieve a logic using lookup dimension.


      I have accounts generated in an export and i want them to get mapped through fdmee staging and generated to down stream system. Mappings are being maintained and managed by Business for Accounts dimension. I cannot extract the data for the accounts defined in the mappings by the business, if they are dynamic calc in nature, due to some block explosion issues, where in essbase all possible blocks ignoring all fix and tried to get on with this issue by going with different approaches like tried making the dynamic calc to dynamic calc and store, created complete outline in ASO and pushing data from BSO to ASO etc... So the approach am trying now is if there are any dynamic calc members defined in the source accounts , then derive level0 members of it and pass it to export script through epmautomate.  So to business their mappings will not change , they will define members they wish to extract and send to down stream, we are thinking to use lookup and map these level 0 members extracted through essbase to dynamic calc and through actual mappings defined by business the dynamic calc gets changed to target system account code.




      Account Dimension

      Mapping --> Source (Total Income) -------- Target(XXXXXX)


      Target Account (LookUp Dimension)

      Mapping ---> Source (aaaa) -------- Target(Total Income)

                            Source (bbbb) -------- Target(Total Income)

                            Source (cccc) -------- Target(Total Income).


      I have defined Target Account as dimension in Target application, and in import format i have mapped account field to account dimension and Target Account dimension(Look Up)


      Any help is greatly appreciated...!!!