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    OBIEE 12c - Unable to properly configure email settings


      We use GoDaddy as our email provider.  In FMC, under Configuration...Mail, I am using smtpout.secureserver.net as the SMTP Server, port 3535 (although I have also tried ports 25 and 80), not using SSL, and I have entered the correct credentials.  The e-mail address and password are correct at GoDaddy - I can set them up and use them in my email client, and I can send and receive just fine.


      Unfortunately, I get this error every time I submit an agent:  Trying SMTP Delivery loop again ... [nWSError: 75005] Failed to send AUTH command.  Authentication failed for ... and so forth.


      We are on OBIEE (20160923.092103) running on Windows Server 2012.


      I have restarted all BI Services in FMC, and restarted the bi_server1 in WLS.  No love.