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      Hi All,


      Is there possibility of extracting the task audit on HFM Process management Review level promotion / rejection details by user,


      Any sample queries please, Thanks a lot in advance,

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          Hi The command line utility does not provide the details on Review level promotion / rejections by users,


          Is there any way to get it from back end table, Please let me know, Thanks

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            Madhu. Meesala



            can't we export task audit and filter by date or user to find out your requirement. If it records in task audit means you can get do it right?


            Correct me if i understood differently than your requirement.




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              Hi Task audit in consolidation administration or the task audit command line utility does not capture the review level - promotion /  rejection details.


              But this information can be fetched from HFM backend tables, so I m looking for sample query. Thanks

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                Let's not confuse Task Audit with the process management transactions. The process management transactions are stored in appname_PFLOWH_yyyy tables. I have not deconstructed the table contents yet to figure out how to export this information. I don't yet understand the codes for sAction or sState. Maybe someone else knows this.


                - Chris

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                  I respect this forum is not for commercial endorsements, but I would be remiss if I didn't mention that there is a product you can purchase called EPM Maestro which can easily export this information. This is only one of its many useful features and it's worth checking out:


                  EPM Maestro


                  The only other tool I'm aware of that can export the process management transactions is Oracle's Financial Management Analytics (OFMA).


                  - Chris

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                    I've never bothered to convert the data in those tables to a more friendly format, but I can at least explain the columns.  They're the same ones used in the API's when working with process management. (PROCESS_FLOW_ACTION and PROCESS_FLOW_STATE).


                    sAction tracks the task performed(Start, Promote, Reject, etc). 





                    3:Sign Off





                    sState refers to the Process Management level the entity is at as a result of the Action(So after Starting, the State is First Pass)


                    0:Not Supported (Shouldn't be possible to get this in the tables)

                    1:Not Started (This will only exist if you start, then reject)

                    2:First Pass

                    3:Review Level 1

                    4:Review Level 2

                    5:Review Level 3

                    6:Review Level 4

                    7:Review Level 5

                    8:Review Level 6

                    9:Review Level 7

                    10:Review Level 8

                    11:Review Level 9

                    12:Review Level 10




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                      Thanks Jeo & Cbarbieri,


                      Able to extract the required information from the back end tables, Thanks much !!