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    Unable to find cause for ORA-01722: invalid number in pl/sql procedure


      Hi All,


      We have a custom procedure which has started throwing the error - ORA-01722: invalid number, after recent db upgrade changes (upgraded to 12c). Last month we spent a lot of time to debug and were able to identity that the issue was with the cursor query as the very first log message after begin clause was not getting printed. So either the issue was with some data or the cursor query itself. But the cursor query used to fetch results when run in back end for hard coded values for transaction number. So we contacted our dba team and they identified a change in sql plan. Once the plan was restored the issue got resolved. Now this month again this issue has started popping up and there is no sql plan change this time. We are struggling to find the rca. Any help or guidance on this regard will be really appreciated. Thanks.



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