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    Monitor Sessions not showing current sql


      SQL Dev 64-bit on Win7 Pro


      Am doing side-by-side comparisons between SQL Dev and SQL Navigator, hopeing to be able to drop SQL Nav and save the money.


      As one test I have a somewhat long running PL/SQL script that performs several sql statements, and also calls some stored procedures which of course have their own activity. While this is running (from sql plus, at a command line, not within either product) I put SQL Dev on one screen and SQL Nav on the other.  In each I open their respective session browser tool and select the test session, and the 'current sql' tab.  Set both to auto-refresh the view every 10 seconds.  What I see is that SQL Nav will show a sql statement, while at the very same time SQL Dev reports "No text available".  I can watch each "blink" when it refreshes the view, within 1 second of each other, and consistently SQL Nav will show me some sql from my test session, while SQL Dev continues to insist "No text available"  In both products I am connected to the database with the same account, having the DBA role.