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    Time Hierarchy in Dashboard prompt




      I wanted to have time hierarchy as Dashboard prompt and have to filter last 6 month data in report based on the prompt selection., in OBIEE 11g


      any help




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          Gianni Ceresa


          Did you try adding these things? Because if you create a prompt on your hierarchy and then in the analysis you add the hierarchy and say it is prompted it works.


          Don't you have a possible conflict in what you ask for? A prompt on time hierarchy but filter on last 6 months of data? Why don't you filter directly on the last 6 months of data then?

          Or do you mean to let the user select a month and then your analysis must filter on that month and the previous 6 months? So do you really want a time hierarchy prompt as you have a 6 months window on your data? Isn't a month prompt more adapted to the needs? (you can still have a time hierarchy in your analysis, but I just don't see it as a filter).