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    After disabling/removal SSL we are unable to open configurator using sales online navigation pages(from forms(sales order) we are able to open)


      Hello Everyone,


      We recently disabled SSL. Everything else is working fine after disabling SSL. We are also able to open configurator from front end forms i. e. from sales order responsibility. But we are getting error while opening it from navigation pages of sales online.


      FR AS Sales Administration AAY

      sales online>quotes> select  any one> lines>



      SSL Support Error:

      You are trying to use SSL support in Oracle Configurator. Either the current settings of your Configurator server environment does not support SSL mode or you are connecting to a non-secure port by a secure protocol on the server. In order to enable secure mode in Oracle Configurator, you need to install Oracle iAS with version or higher and make sure you let Configurator connect to a secure port under secure mode.


      In few days this is planned for production environment and have become very critical now. Please let us know immediately for any possible solutions