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    VPD (Virtual Private Database) and OBIEE


      I'm trying to fully implement VPD in OBIEE.  I have all set up in the connection area.  What I'm missing is exactly how to

      set up the session initialization block and session variable.


      Based upon the user who logs into obiee, I want to pass that userid back to our database that contains the data for the report

      and restrict the row-level output in the report based upon who logged in.  I've seen snippets of how this is done on the web,

      but exact screenshots for how to do in the initialization block would be very helpful.  I don't think I need a connection pool

      in the initialization block.  I want to capture the obiee session variable for the person who logged in.  I need that exact syntax

      so that I don't get an error when running the initialization block.  Once I have that variable captured, and passed to a session

      variable, how does that relate to the connection pool I'm using to get the data?  Thank you.