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    Merging 2 different E-Business Suite (on same version) applications and database





      We have a requirement to Upgrade E-Business Suite 11i to R12.2.6 and R12.1 to R12.2.6 for the same customer.

      Following are the 2 different environment details:

      1. EBS 11.5.10 (single node) and 10gR2 database

      2. EBS R12.1.3 (2 node) and (2 node RAC)


      We can upgrade both the environments to EBS R12.2.6 and 12c DB separately.

      After the upgrade of both the environments, is it possible to merge to EBS environments?

      Following are the options:


      1. Merge at application and database level both

      2. Merge only at database level (use PDB and RAC nodes) and 2 separate Applications.


      Kindly let us know if any of the above configuration is possible and if yes kindly let us know the MOS note.



      Purnima Johari