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    How to validate IG column values on page load (or without modification on the column values)?

    Shilpi Pauranik-Oracle



      I have to requirement to upload a file, validate and then store the data in the table.

      Step1: This is achieved through direct data loader feature. File data pushed to staging table

      Step2: Requiring help.

      In this step, system should check all the column values loaded in the staging table against some check. The error messages should be shown along with column or highlighting is also fine. Users should be allowed to do update on this report. Once all the errors are cleared, data will be pushed to main table.



      1. Tabular form on the staging table data: Not user friendly, as it can handle one error at a time.

      2. Using Interactive Grid editable feature to allow user to do update on the column value. But, unfortunately the main challenge is to perform validations on the cell value without any modification. Column validations runs only on editing the cell values (not on page load).


      If anyone could suggest any solution or approach to achieve this, it would be of great help. Thanks in advance