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    Problems with static --context-path


      Hello all

      I am using ORDS 3.0.10 (the one that comes with SQLDeveloper 17.2)  , APEX versions 5.0.4 and 5.1.2 and Oracle 12.2 all running on Windows 10


      I have two pluggable databases that I have installed a version of APEX into - pluggable database apex504pdb has APEX 5.0.4 and apex512pdb has APEX 5.1.2. They both work fine via the EPG.


      Ideally I'd like to use ORDS rather than the EPG. I want to map both these databases with ORDS to enable me to run the two versions of APEX. I am looking at using the standalone version of ORDS to do this.


      Currently I have /ords/apex504 mapped to a database called apex504pdb and /ords/apex512 mapped to a database called apex512pdb. I used the following command to do that:

      java -jar ords.war map-url --type base-path /apex504 apex504pdb

      java -jar ords.war map-url --type base-path /apex512 apex512pdb



      My understanding is I also need to map the image prefix so I get the appropriate images appearing - I've used /i504/ and /i512/ as the image prefix for these and they have been set for both versions of APEX using rest_image_prefix.sql - that all seemed to work fine



      Then I've issued:

      java -jar ords.war static --context-path /i504  c:\apex_home\apex504\apex\images

      java -jar ords.war static --context-path /i512  c:\apex_home\apex512\apex\images  


      Again no errors

      I start ORDS

      java -jar ords.war standalone


      No errors. However, when I try accessing APEX through either url (eg http://localhost:8085/ords/apex512) I get the following error:


      "There is a problem with your environment because the Application Express files have

      not been loaded. Please verify that you have copied the images directory to your

      application server as instructed in the Installation Guide. In addition, please verify

      that your image prefix path is correct. Your current path is /i512/ (it should contain both

      starting and ending forward slashes, such as the default /i/). Use the SQL script

      reset_image_prefix.sql if you need to change it."



      Both my image prefix paths appear correct ie they containing leading and trailing slashes. The static resources I have assumed is my images folder from the original APEX download and that is there. When I start ORDS I still have the same error.


      What have I missed please?

      Many thanks