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    Virtual Host in Midtier *OR* Proxy Pass *OR* Proxy Rewrite?

      Hello all,

      We have an external facing web application which is run through https and calls an Oracle report via URL. We currently have a Virtual Host defined on the external Apache web server so that when they run a report from thier dedicated application, it "runs as one of their servers".

      The first time the reports are run (from thier dedicated web app) the title comes up fine using that virtual host. The problem we are having is with drill down reports (using hyperlinks). When one of these hyperlinks are clicked, since it is now running on the Oracle Report server, it will now say http://oraclehost.domain.com:port/... The report does run and the hyperlink works, but it has now changed the host and the domain.

      We expect to be using several drill down reports, so this is a priority to address. Unfortunately, I am just figuring Apache out as I go. I need some assistance. I am currently working with Oracle support on this, but so far they don't seem to be much help with this. That is why I am coming to the Oracle community with this.

      Is there anyone out there that can point us in the right direction? Should we use mod proxy, proxy pass, proxy rewrite? If so, at which level of the application server?

      Thank you very much for any assistance.

      Warm regards