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    OBIEE 12c Mobile Application


      I am searching for the software and process to create obiee 12c Mobile dashboards, but I didnt find the information anywhere else.  If anyone know about this, then please just let me know.

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          Syed Hamd Salman

          Here you go



          Further you can refer Oracle KM document for Oracle BI Mobile


          OBIEE 11g|12c: BI Mobile (iOS/Android) Latest Application Versions and Supported Compatibility (Doc ID 1986237.1)

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            Christian Berg

            What do you mean by that?


            OBIEE is mobile-enabled out of the box and pretty much everything can be consumed through the OBI Mobile applications on Android / iOS as well as any mobile browser that's HTML5-capable. Or do you mean BI MAD - the BI Mobile Application designer?


            So you've got to be more specifc since your question is extremely vague and the best you can do at this point is quite literally RTFM - read the manual: Oracle Help Center - Search

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              Thanks for the document.  I installed  Oracle Business Intelligence   version , in this Ididnt find the 'Mobile App' option either in home page or in New.  Is there any patch or any way that can enable 'Mobile App' option?

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                thanks Christian for the reply.  I was searching for 'Mobile App' designer in OBIEE 12c    Oracle Business Intelligence  version and got the document related to it now.  But I wonder I didnt find the 'Mobile App' link either in the home page or in New  in this verision.  If possible, please let me know the way to enable it either by installing a patch or something else.

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                  Syed Hamd Salman

                  Is only "Mobile Application" missing from Home Page or there are other options like VA,Analytsis..etc are missing too from home page?


                  If only  "Mobile Application" is missing then check on Administration-->Manage Privilege page what is the permission defined related to  "Mobile Application" i.e. "Access to Mobile"


                  If  "Mobile Application" and other options like VA,Analytsis..etc are missing then checkout below mentioned KM document handled issue


                  OBIEE 11g & 12c - Catalog, Search, Favorites, Advanced, Administration Links Are Missing On The BIEE Home Page (Doc ID 2277007.1)

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                    thank you so much for your reply.  Only Mobile App is missing and I am using weblogic credetials and checked mange credentials and Mobile access enabled for weblogic.  If possible, please suggest further.




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                      Syed Hamd Salman

                      Which application role is assigned to Privilege named "Access to Mobile" , "Enable Local Content" and "Enable Search"

                      Which ever Application Role is assigned to above mentioned privileges for those Application Roles check the assigned Application Policies and make sure those application roles have below mentioned Policies assigned





                      Found the document as well, please refer below document.


                      Mobile App Option Does Not Appear On Analytics Screen for some users (Doc ID 1982711.1)