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    HFM Rules Debugging/Logging


      Hi All,


      We have migrated HFM application from Windows( to Linux environment( There is a sub procedure in HFM rule to create a log and error files in the server. It was working fine in windows but not in Linux server. Below are the paths in windows and Linux.




              Set ObjShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")


              strFDMShare = ObjShell.Environment("SYSTEM").Item("FDM_SHARE")

              strComputerName = ObjShell.ExpandEnvironmentStrings("%COMPUTERNAME%")

              Set ObjShell = Nothing

              DebugFile = strFDMShare & "\LOGS\ELVIS_RulesDebug.log"

              ErrorFile = strFDMShare & "\LOGS\ELVIS_Errors.log" 



             DebugFile = "/opt/hyp/app/LOGS/ELVIS_RulesDebug.log"

             ErrorFile = "/opt/hyp/app/LOGS/ELVIS_Errors.log"


      Please let me know if anyone faced the same issue.

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          To start, Linux is only supported on Exalytics.  Is that what you're going with?


          Oracle "Supported versions" aside though, when your rule fails, it should be generating system messages that tell you specifically what line you fail on and why.  Are you getting anything in there or is this just not generating the file?


          Additionally, it seems like you're not specifying the same path exactly.  Your windows example was using an environment variable to specify the server to write to, but your Linux example will be writing the logs on the server hosting the XFMDataSource, which in a multi server environment could result in logs being written on two different servers.  Is this a case of the logs are being written somewhere other than where you expected?



          Windows writes to SERVER\LOGS\ELVIS_RulesDebug.log

          Linux writes to /opt/hyp/app/LOGS/ELVIS_RulesDebug.log but no server is specified.

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            Hi Jeo, Thanks for the response. The server is Exalytics and we don't see any system message regarding rule fail, its just not generating the file.

            We have tried with below options as well in Linux.


            SERVER = "//(SERVERNAME)"

            Debugfile = SERVER & "/opt/hyp/app/LOGS/ELVIS_RulesDebug.log"


            SERVER = ""

            Debugfile = SERVER & "/opt/hyp/app/LOGS/ELVIS_RulesDebug.log"


            None of them are working.