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    Re: Query using COMMA SEPERATED LIST of a Query as COLUMNS NAMES

      Lets Say I have a Scenario

      What about this 'scenario'.


      There is a developer working for me that insists on using the WRONG solution for a problem.


      What is your advice?


      1. fire them - and hire someone competent

      2. send them for additional training

      3. move them to a 'do nothing' project where they can't do dangerous things to the data and database


      Please answer quickly

      I have a requirement for a SQL solution and only a SQL Solution or the approach listed below is even Possible

      OH NO! That sounds a lot like that developer I mentioned above

      or if any one can give me a Better Solution

      You can do it the way everyone else does it and create a stored procedure that returns a REF CURSOR. That proc can do whatever it needs to do to get the correct data.


      Tableau supports calling stored procedures.

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          Dear rp0428,

          Thanks for your kind response,


          Please accept my sincere apologize for my following response below, because If i don't respond then I may feel guilty for not answering this part and also I represent a fair share of Other Junior to Mid level Developers or even some Senior level Developers who dont work on Mission critical or Complex Problems in every hour of their respective Workday.


          After your Response,

          • I am discouraged to the point that I should not even ask question anymore.should I really feel bad that I had asked such a terrible question? or should I never entertain myself to ask any question?
          • For this Question of mine, some have mentioned that this a poor design and requested me to explain the business problem
          • Some have expressed their strong Dislike.
          • Should I not ask any question in the name of what if Situation, one of  my Favorite Oracle Evangelist said "If you ever stuck on a Coding Problem beyond 20 minutes to an Hour, stop wasting your time instead politely request for solution. as this approach will increase the Productivity and deadline, Yes for the Question I had asked I could have researched on my own by binging on Oracle SQL Reference or Oracle PL/SQL Books and White papers, unfortunately my project do not have that much timeline sir.
          • My Knowledge is very limited comparing yours and Please Let me know How I should be able to acquire such a commanding knowledge like you, please Provide me some Structured approach, so that I will not ask any dumb questions like this in the future.


          I still don't understand,

          Yes, Clearly you had demonstrated the Solution of every other developer would work onto, but if I stay on course in that route doesn't that mean, when ever there is a situation like this, I have to think this is the Only way this scenario can be addressed or Should I Not ask out of curiosity, what will be a creative solution to this scenario?


          I might not posses the oracle Prowess or per se such huge points and levels you have acquired in helping every other Developer's question, but if you have given them solution to every one of them this way with this much sarcasm and Pun, I wish you had not seen this question at all.


          Let me ask you one Question have you acquired the Knowledge the Day one or Say to speak even after no of years you have not come across any trying situation where you felt wow that thing really shook me up and gave the needed jolt to my fading Oracle Knowledge.


          The Day this Problem came, we clearly explained to the business, that is not how oracle SQL Query works, one way to get your expected results is to use Dynamic Query or we were able to use a PL/SQL TABLE FUNCTION and  we had successfully returned the result.

          wherein the business is hell bent on the design and the developer(Me) has only way to churn out the result(Some times its these Business requirements will mandate a creative solution, if Everybody goes for a same old answer, Then Why Oracle Provides Developers Updates in their Every Release as they work constantly to help Developers). Regarding Tableau supporting Stored Procedure, we had used oracle Table Functions for Tableau to recognize Oracle Stored Procedure as Data source, apart from Oracle Tables and Custom SQL.


          I thank Almighty that I have an extremely Patient and much senior boss who is patient and willing to push me and challenge me, and makes me go beyond my limited knowledge to see is there New concepts out there that I had missed in Oracle 12.1,  his expectation is let the solutions be on par with Oracle 12.1 yet still backward Compatible.I wish I had this boss some time years ago of my Development career.


          Once again I am really Sorry that your response has made me to divulge myself from the problem I am working on.