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    Requisition disappeared from PO - duplicate order created


      Seeing if anyone as ever experienced something like this...I am stumped.


      We have requisitions that upon approval auto-create to POs. The POs are in incomplete status and an email mails out to approver for final approval. These are not inventory items, all expense.

      We had about 10 requisitions approved within the last 2 months for a business area, POs were created and approved.  We have the email that shows the requisition number that was associated with each of the POs.


      The user called me today and all of the requisitions were placed onto another PO today...somehow they showed back up in the Autocreate queue and someone re-ordered them onto a new PO (8157)?


      For example...Requisition 7193 was originally ordered June 19th. 

      My user still has the email for it saying it was created onto PO 4994 on June 20th. 

      PO 4994 still exists, is open, nothing has been cancelled on it and none of the sections (header, line, etc) have been updated since it was originally created on the 20th, however the Requisition field for it is now blank. 

      If I query Req 7193 it is now associated with PO 8157 (That our buyer created today from the reqs that returned to the Autocreate queue).


      I do have a test environment to look at from July 7th and as of then 3 of the requisitions show back up in the Autocreate queue...in another environment refreshed on the 18th there are now 7 showing...but I have no clue what is happening that they are even going back into the queue? They were already on POs that are all still Active?


      Any ideas or additional things to check would be greatly appreciated!