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    web.show_document userid password contains character #


      We use web.show_document to view reports and there are users who have a # character in their password. For these users comes a message rep-0501, for the other users who do not have that character in their password everything works fine. Here I show the url.
      Http: //server+report=dlypurge.rep+userid=user/passw1.#@DATABASE+destype=cache+desformat=pdf+paramform=yes+p=0
      Note that the userid contains a password with the character 1. #
      For those users a message appears rep-0501


      Error: The requested URL was not found, or cannot be served at this time.

      Oracle Reports Server CGI - Report Job has terminated with error.

      Reports Server Replies:





      REP-0501: Unable to connect to the specified database.