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    SQL Developer


      I just downloaded SQL Developer version 17.2. I was a bit surprised as the last one i downloaded was 4.x (2) i think and I was surprised it had jumped 13 versions.;


      Even more surprising was then when running a script the cursor disappears making the whole editor unusable. Has anyone else experienced this ? I am runnjng JDK 1.8 144

      Does anyone know how to fix it ? I believe this bug appeared in version 3/ 4

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          Gaz in Oz

          SQL*Developer has gone to a quarterly release schedule and the 17.2 denotes 2017 2nd quarter. The other parts are day of year and time (same as before).


          As for your issue... Always download the version "including JDK".


          ...if you are still experiencing issues, then provide more information

          . OS and version

          . 32 or 644bit?

          . A clearer description of how to replicate the issue. i.e. a step by step of what you did and what you experienced.

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            Oddly when I noticed it was happening regularly - if there was an error in the script the cursor remained. In the perfect script it disappeared.



            I have re-started SQL Developer several times and am now unable to re-create the issue.


            Thanks for the information and for replying.