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    Indent setting Bug? How to make it stick...


      I used to be able to set the indent to one space & it would stay that way restart after restart.

      I'm now using 17.2 and the place where I used to set this is gone or moved. I found 2 places in this version:


           Tools / Preferences / Code Editor / Format -- (Box) Indent spaces.

           Tools / Preferences / Code Editor / Format / Advanced Format / Indentation -- "Indent spaces" fill-in and "Indent with" select


      I've tried to set this to 1 space, but when I close the app and restart, it changes back to 4 -- is there a way to make this stick like the older versions?

      It seems to work fine till I restart the app.  I'm trying to get this to work in the SQL editing work-sheet.


      Thanks for any helpful suggestions,