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    Drive Mapping in Citrix


      Hi All ,


      Please help me below user comments:DriveMap.png


      I followed the instructions for the Drive mapping however I’m still seeing some errors in Smartview, see below.   This is an excerpt of a standard report from corporate which shows cells with #VALUE! whereas other cells appear to refresh correctly. 

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          I can only assume that some of the #Value errors come from smart view functions, but you should provide some evidence which this screen shot does not. If you highlight one of the cells containing a smart view function, click on the function builder in the smart view ribbon. It will show you how it parses each dimension and can lead you to the errant cell.


          - Chris

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            In Build function which function I need to select?

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              • Smartview Error #Value
                  #Value is an excel error that results from an attempt to Round, Scale, or Add a piece of Text(e.g. Divide #NoConnection by 1000).

              The original error message is being hidden as a result of other parts of the formula. In order to find the real error, you should remove everything other than a single HsGetValue formula from one of the cells with the error. When you attempt to refresh, the result will be the true error message.  Smartview is very straight forward in telling you what is wrong, but if you try to divide a sentence by 1000, you'll get #Value.

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                #Value can be encountered for multiple reasons....this can be due to incorrect cell referencing within formulas or if one cell is producing a #Value error, the cell referencing it will also produce the same error. Now, as everyone here mentioned to provide more details for the cells where you are getting this error, if you can provide more details for couple of cells where you are getting this error that would be of help for us...also as Jeo123 mentioned, I would ask you to close your Excel completely, reopen Excel, create a new connection to the same application (different name), create a simple HSGetValue("New Connection Name","POV")....refresh the sheet and see if you are able to pull the data....if yes, that means there is some formula or cell referencing issue that may be going on in your existing sheet which you probably need to fix....and that can be done very easily...