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    Duplicate Emails after timeout parameters are set

    Sravani Gajula

      Hi All,


      We have a functionality of sending email. Where we are generating 5 csv files in parallel and sending them via email as attachments.


      When we are doing load testing around 100 transactions, in the beginning emails are sent immediately for few sets.

      But after sometime, the emails are going to "Pending" state  and server is in warning state.

      The server is in warning state due to STUCK THREADS on the server.


      Then we  have set timeout parameters (in ms) -Dmail.smtp.connectiontimeout=50000 -Dmail.smtp.timeout=50000 in SOA manager servers.


      With setting the timeout parameters, we are getting mails but after receiving all the mails. For every 10 mins we are getting duplicate mails for large files (1 MB). It can be due to the re-delivery limit to -1 in ORASDPMDRIVERDEFSNDQ1 . So we set it to 1 as of now.


      This time out is not bringing the server down but we get duplicate mail of 1.

      If we will keep the redelivery limit 0 then we might not get duplicate,but for actual error on SMTP it will not retry which we can not afford as well.


      Can anyone please suggest what settings are to be made in order to stop getting the duplicates and this issue to server and also to get all the emails.


      Thank you.

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          Vikrant Korde.

          In past i faced the almost similar issue with Gmail Mail server. I was trying to read the messages from it and once read the message was assigned to sub-folder. This approach was working fine when there were few emails but when i tested it against 200+ emails at a time it started reading the messages twice. The only solution was to change the Mail server. So when i changed to Yahoo, it worked well.


          Check the settings in email server.



          Vikrant Korde

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            Sravani Gajula

            The SOA Server was going to warning state because of SMTP/network issues, due to which SOA server doesn’t get acknowledgement back when an email is sent from SOA to smtp server.


            After setting the timeout parameters, we were getting duplicate mails for larger files as acknowledgment doesn't come and it retries infinite times.

            To overcome this we have set retry from SOA to maximum 1 at an interval of 5 mins. i.e., redelivery limit to 1 and redelivery time to 5 mins

            We have kept 1 retry, in order to handle genuine case where the email delivery was unsuccessful.


            We also have to check the stability of SMTP server, which actually creates the main issue of keeping mails in Pending state.


            Thanks & Regards,