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    Trade Finance Data Model


      Dear All,



      We have a difficult situation with the datamodel for trade finance.


      We have several modules like



      Import LC

      Export LC


      Import Business Collection

      Export  BusinessCollection






      in that Import LC we have measures and dates in the table and it has a Negotiation table under that


      -> Import LC

             -> Import Negotiation Master(Multiple Negotiations for each LC)

                     -> Import Negotiation Detail(Multiple records for each negotiation like one for request received, request processed,document checking,payment processing etc)



      Similar situation for export LC





      Business needs reports which consist of data from all the bundles.



      How can we model this. Any help will be highly appreciated.

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          Thomas Dodds

          Physically join on your keys ...


          Logically you must reduce this to a star - you need to map out what your dimensions (attributes) and facts (measures) are.  Be prepared (especially with that Negotiation Detail table) to create additional physical structures to make this work (perform) -- if indeed it is highly snowflaked with a volume of rows, and the detail table contains multiple logical 'types' of information.