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    Responsibility in from Oracle Self Service Web Application

    Ben K.

      I received this feedback from an SR and I'm looking for any guidance on how set-up a responsibility in from Oracle Self Service Web Application. Thank you!


      When I searched the whole community, I found variations of this question asked over the past 10 years, but never an answer. If I am posting this in your community, it is because I found a similar question asked in it.


      "Please ask the customer to follow the setup of seeded responsibility (i.e. MES Operator

      /  MES Supervisor) to create their own custom responsibilities.  


      For example the responsibility should be available from Oracle Self Service

      Web Applications but in the customer's uploaded screenshot I see they defined

      responsibility is  available from Oracle Application.  MES is an HTML base

      application not an Oracle Application is FORM based."


      Payables - EBS (MOSC) Self-Service(Archived) LCM: Managing Oracle Applications Technology - General Discussion Oracle E-Business Suite (MOSC)

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          Ben K.

          The Answer from Oracle was to use the seeded MES menus (only 2 of them) when creating a custom responsibility for MES. "Development stated you can only use the seeded menu 'MES Workstation - Operator Main Menu' and 'MES Workstation - Main Menu' to create custom  responsibilities." At that point, you might was well use the seeded MES responsibilities and just rename them for the client.