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    CDO map to contact


      Hello there,


      I have loaded Contacts and CDO records on to Eloqua separately


      However, CDO data is not mapped to Contact record although there is a matching record.


      How do we do that?



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          prem deviraj



          Please check below steps once  in your custom data object:

          • Field Mapping - See whether your data card fields are correctly mapped to contact record fields (Especially check whether email address field is mapped correctly)


          • Custom Data Object Record services  - Check whether steps are enabled to link with contact records when new data came in



          If All above steps configured correctly but still your custom data object records not linked with contact data , then we will think other  ways.




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            Thanks for your response.


            I have figured it out.


            I was following the manual load "Upload Custom Object records" and in one of the steps, I have missed out to set the Map Data check box to TRUE.


            I checked it and reloaded again. it worked fine



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              Had this same issue. Forgot to select Map Data checkbox.