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    EPMHFM-7274 - Smartview error


      Dear All,


      I am using smart view version of and I want to increase the time out  seetings (SessionManagerTimeoutInMS) for smart view in HFM consolidation administrator> settings.

      But 'SessionmanagerTimeoutinMS'  settings not showing in my HFM application version (


      how to add these settings in application level. Could you please help me.




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          Hello Baalu


          Hope this helps

          SessionManagerTimeoutInMS Does Not Exist in System Setting in Consolidation Administration After Applying (Doc ID 2068677.1)

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            What is the issue that you are facing with your smart View, are you getting time out errors while refreshing a sheet. Have you tried these settings on the system / laptop where you are getting timeout's may be:


            Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

            [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings]





            Please save the above lines in a file with extension .reg. Then run the file so that it puts these entries into the registry. Not too sure if it will solve your issue or not, but it solved for me.