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    sqldeveloper's file pane does not show subversion state correctly

    Christian Rackerseder

      Hello team,


      when I modify a file that is under version control with an external editor (vi) the modified state is not

      reflected in the file pane of sqldeveloper (Version 17.2).


      When committing the whole working copy however the file is included in what is sent to the svn-server.


      So it seems that the underlying svn is working correctly, but only the visual representation

      in sqldeveloper's windows ('Files'; 'Pending Changes (Subversion)') is not updated - not automatically, not by using the button.


      After a restart of sqldeveloper the state of the file is shown correctly and the context-menu of the file allows for committing it.


      Can this be fixed?



      Thank you,

      Christian Rackerseder