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    Oracle EBS platform migration and DB Upgrade



      Planning for a Oracle EBS platform migration and DB Upgrade.

      Below are the environment details:


      Base Platform: IBM AIX 6.1 64bit (big endian)

      Oracle EBS Version: 12.1.3

      Proposed EBS Version: (same)

      Database Version:

      DB Size: 3TB (approx.)


      Target details:

      Target Platform: RHEL7 64bit

      Proposed EBS Version: 12.1.3 (same)

      Target DB Version:


      Please suggest me with less down-time. (For DB Platform Migration & Upgrade 11 to 12c)

      What would be best DB migration approach other than export/import for a 3TB sized database

      Would there be any issues with EBS 12.1.3 and DB as

      Any additional steps/patches required when migrating  from AIX 6.1 to RHEL 7.3?


      Thanks in Advance!!