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    Pass multiple selected values using Presentation Variable in GO URL


      Hi Guys,


      I have a go URL in my report. The dashboard where this report is placed, there is a multiselect Prompt with a Presentation variable defined. I am trying to pass this selected value to target dashboard using GO URL. I am able to pass it successfully when there is only 1 value selected.


      However when i select multiple values OBIEE replaces the presentation variable with just comma separator and on the target dashboard this URL tries to push the value captured by Presentation Variable as single value and I dont get any data there.


      Here is the syntax which is used:


      Selecting single value




      Value Selected:  Application, Development / Integration- Sydney, AUS

      Status Working Fine


      Selecting multiple values:






      Values Selected:   Application, Development / Integration- Sydney, AUS

                                    Security / Risk Paulo, BRA



      Status Not Working Fine. As OBIEE passing it as single value like "Application, Development / Integration- Sydney, AUS,Security / Risk Paulo, BRA,Orlando"


      Any suggestions?