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    Need Help for Data Loading


      Any one here who has worked with advance data loading. Like in my case i want to upload data of particular month but instead of adding month column in data(for loading) i want to give a parameter to user to select that particular month.

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          Tyagi Tushar

          Are you using APEX data loading wizard? Notice that four pages are created when we use APEX wizard, browse, map, validate and action.


          On first page, add a select list for user to select month. Suppose he select January and the item name for select list is  "P1_MONTH".


          Now you may follow two approaches here.


          1. You may add a after insert trigger on your table.

          after insert for each row,

          update table_name

          set month = :p1_month.


          2.  On fourth page of your data loading wizard, after insert process, add a plsql process,

          update table_name

          set month = :p1_month

          where month is null;

          This obviously assumes that all previous data if any , already consist of some value in month column.