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    Good morning,


    I am today using a brand new Display, a DELL U2515H (2560x1440) with a DPI (display port) connexion, along with my previous old  external screen (now wired with a VGA-VGA cable), a full HD Iiyama.


    I am very disappointed to see that the SQL Developer window DOES NOT display itself correctly anymore, but in my laptop screen (HP 1366x768) : when I drag and drop my SQL Dev window to any of my two external screens, the contents of the window freezes in a funny way, and does not do anything anymore. And when I drag it back to my laptop screen, it works again ! (but in a very low resolution : 1366 x 768...).


    Here is my configuration :

    - SQL Developer, build 188.1159

    - Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 64 bits, 8GB RAM


    I tried to switch from the Windows aero theme to Windows 7 Basic : it does not improve anything.

    Your help is welcome.!  I am working full time on Oracle SQL Developer, and this is really a problem for me.




    enclosed a snapshot of SQL Dev on my internal low res display : works fine

    and another snapshot of SQL Dev when dragged and dropped on my external high res display : frozen...Bug display SQL Dev on high res ext display - 1 - Normal display on internal laptop low res.jpgBug display SQL Dev on high res ext display - 2 - Frozen when displayed on external 2560x1440 high res.jpg

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        Do you only get this with SQL Developer or does it happen with any other software? (how long have you been using your new display?)

        It looks like a graphics driver type issue at first glance.

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          Information to add here : this bug only happens with Oracle SQL Developer.


          All the other softwares work fine : Putty, WinSCP, Notepad++, Skype, MS Word, Outlook, ...


          This bug does not seem to be related to the display driver

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            any other Java based applications do the same?

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              what version of Java are you using?


              check for video driver updates, it seems that many drivers out there have issues with Java applications


              I have a dual monitor setup with no issues

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                I am using Version 8 update 91 build 1.8.0_91-b14 "Copyright 2016" of Java... not the latest :-/


                I am going to upgrade it and restart my computer...


                I will let you know of course. Thank you !

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                  Well, I didn't have SQL Developer installed (I know, naught me!), but I've just downloaded it (version build 188.1159) and installed it, set the JDK path as requested to my JDK installation jdk1.8.0_121 and it works fine on my dual HD monitors.  Likewise I'm using Windows 7 SP1, with Aero theme enabled, 12Gb Memory.  Both monitors are Dell P2212H 1920x1080@60Hz using on board Intel HD Graphics 4400 processor connection, Video Bios 1025.14.   DirectX 11.0, OpenGL 4.2


                  No problem with moving or resizing the SQL Developer window or moving it from screen to screen.


                  I still suspect it's your graphics drivers or your Java version for your extended resolution.

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                    Peter de Vaal

                    I have been using SQL Dev (latest version and previous versions) in many hardware configurations, on Windows 7 and 10 (32 and 64 bit) and on MacOS (my preferred platform) with a lot of different monitors. I even had a 4 monitor setup, and it always worked.

                    I always keep Java up-to-date, so use now.

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                      End of the story :


                      I did not find a solution for this incompatibility between JAVA and my Intel display driver, but a workaround.


                      I updated my Windows 7 Professional with the latest patches, and it did not help.

                      I updated my Java JRE to the latest version : it did not help either.

                      I also updated my Intel graphic driver using the latest versions on the HP website : again, it did not help.


                      Quite surprisingly, with some Full HD external screens, I could drag and drop my SQL Developer window from my internal screen to the external one, with no harm. But not with other external screens, especially with high resolution ones.


                      The workaround which I found, is to define as main screen, my external high resolution screen : so that, when I open SQL Developer, it directly opens in that screen. And it works ! But then when I drag and drop the SQL Developer window to my internal low res display, the internal part of the window freezes again... .


                      I believe this is an Intel driver bug with products developed in Java : my Intel driver cannot always manage properly a java window when dragged and dropped from one display to another. But this workaround is nice enough.


                      Thx to all for your help - Olivier (Paris-France)

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                        Thank you for the workaround.  It's not my ideal but it works for me.  I have to start SQL Developer on the high-resolution monitor and then it works when I move it to any other connected display.  If I start it on the low-resolution monitor, then it fails to repaint and respond on the high-resolution monitor.


                        I am experiencing the problem even with 4.2 and 4.1.5. I believe it to be some problem between Java and Intel drivers.


                        I have an Intel HD Graphics 5500 adapter in my Dell Lattitude E7450 with a Dell U2414H monitor connected via DisplayPort through a Dell docking station.  I also have a Dell P1913 display connected via DVI through the docking station.

                        I use Java 8u144, which seems current as of today.  The Intel driver is


                        By the way...   I have abandoned 12.7, which won't complete the startup process at all no matter what display is "main".

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                          Ulf Schierenbeck

                          I had the same issues,

                          after switching to  an Aero-Design everthing works fine.

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                            WIth 3 monitors, Aero mode didn't solve my problem.

                            The workaround at the moment is to set the left most monitor as you main monitor and keep top left co-ordinate of other monitors postive to the left monitor.



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                              I had the same issue, I followed the KB link provided by Lawrence and found more updated information in there which fixed my problem.




                              Thanks Guys

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                                I have this issue also. Note that fix KB4039884 has been pulled so that option is no longer available.


                                Only work around seems to be always have your left most monitor be the "Main Display" then things display correctly.


                                Irritating since I prefer my center monitor being my "main display" in my three monitor setup.

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