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    Port and SSL


      I have ERP instance R12.1.3 and DB  - which is using port pool 20.

      default url is http://hostname.domain.com:8020


      I want to enable SSL on this.


      a) Can I use 443 to enable SSL without changing port pool. ?

      b) Need to change below values ?

           s_url_protocol   https
           s_local_url_protocol  https
           s_webentryurlprotocol  https
           s_active_webport  443
           s_webssl_port   443
           s_https_listen_parameter 443

           s_enable_sslterminator  #
           s_login_page   https://hostname.domain.com:443
           s_external_url   https://hostname.domain.com:443


      c) Can I give urls like https://hostname.domain.com ( without port) ? will it owrk?