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    Improve query performance instead of aggregrate function


      I have query where i want to change the SALES_DATE to '01.01.2017' for the 1st record for a product. It means i want to get every unique product which is stored in PRODUCT_ID and check the first SALES_DATE on which the product is loaded and change this SALES_DATE to '01.01.2017'.

      I have used the below query which is working but its hitting the performance it seems. So is there any other i can write the same logic and improves the performance?


      set SALES_DATE = TO_DATE ('01.01.2017', 'dd.mm.yyyy')

      where SALES_DATE =

      ( select min(SALES_DATE)

         from TEST_GROUP sd2

         where sd.PRODUCT_ID = sd2.PRODUCT_ID  


      and sd.SALES_DATE <> TO_DATE ('01.01.2017', 'dd.mm.yyyy');

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