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    Configuring Multiple Schemas within the same DB on ORDS

    Vimal Kannan


      I am fairly new to ORDS and i have successfully installed the service and able to run it in the STANDALONE mode.

      I am trying to join 2 tables under 2 different schemas as part of 1 GET request.

      For example,

      Schema 1

           Table 1


                     ID Description

      Schema 2

           Table 2


                     ID VALUE

      My service is essentially this query - select a.description, b.value from table 1 a, table 2 b where a.ID = b.ID;

      My questions are,

      1. Do I need to enable REST services for both the schemas? If Yes, can they map to the same BASE PATH PATTERN?

      2. Do I enable both tables as Objects through AutoRest?


      Any suggestions is appreciated.