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    Oracle Certification - What to do next ?? Please Suggest


      Hi All,


      I have planned to do some certifications in oracle and haven't yet planned which one to do .


      But before that i just want to understand some thing on this certification part . I have completed the below certifications a long back (i.e. in 2012) .Just want to know whether the below are still valid(i.e. is it having any expiry) .

                    1. 1Z0-007 - Introduction to Oracle 9i : SQL

                    2. 1Z0-147 - Program with PL/SQL


      If these are valid then , i will be a 'Oracle Certified Associate' , right ?? If then , what certification can i do next ???


      I'm basically a Oracle Developer(SQL,PL/SQL,Forms and Reports) . Please suggest ..


      Thanks in Advance,



      Lazar T

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          Matthew Morris

          The exams 1Z0-007 and 1Z0-147 have long since been retired and can no longer be taken by certification candidates.  However, if you passed both exams when they were available, you hold the PL/SQL Oracle Certified Associate credential.  That credential is still valid.


          As a PL/SQL developer,you could take either the 1Z0-146 or 1Z0-148 exams to earn the PL.SQL OCP credential for 11g or 12c respectively.  There are a few Forms/Fusion credentials available as well.  I'm not a Forms developer so I don't feel comfortable advising you on which you might find most appropriate.

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            Brandye Barrington-Oracle

            Matthew's suggestions are completely correct. I'd like to add, that if you do not yet have a Pearson VUE account, or if both of your exams are not under a single Pearson VUE account, you'll need to take some actions to fix this.


            - If you've not taken an exam since Pearson VUE became our test vendor, you'll need to 1) create your Pearson VUE web account and 2) authenticate your CertView account. CertView is where you'll see your exam and certification history. It is also where you'll access certification badges, logos and certificates. If you need to create a Pearson VUE account, I strongly recommend that you contact Pearson VUE by phone to have a customer service rep help you create the account and ensure that you have only one Oracle Testing ID. Multiple IDs may cause your certifications not to be granted. The customer service rep will be able to help you ensure all your exam records are under a single ID.


            It is my suspicion that if you have not received the OCA certification for the exams you passed, you likely already have multiple IDs. The Pearson VUE customer service rep can help you sort that out.


            - If you have taken an exam at Pearson VUE, but you don't see both exams in your CertView exam history, you have multiple IDs and you need to contact Pearson VUE customer support to get it sorted out and have the accounts merged.



            Brandye Barrinton

            Oracle Certification Program

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              Thanks Brandye for such detailed explanation ... I can able to see both the exams taken under a single testing ID .


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                Hi Brandye,


                May i know why this link is not working . Is it closed ?? https://blogs.oracle.com/certification/you-earned-it-oracle-certification-merchandise-portal-launched


                Also please let me if there is options like gifts or compliments from oracle team , when a guy completes a certification . Please let us know the details .



                Lazar T

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                  aara kapur

                  Hey Dear,


                  When i was students then i also very confused about career then i did Oracle 11g DBA OCA & OCP Course Objectives from Koenig Solutions so, you should try this course from any well respected training center.

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                    Brandye Barrington-Oracle

                    Hi Lazar,

                    Which link is not working? The link you included in your post worked for me. Are you having trouble getting to the site to order Oracle Certification branded merchandise? If so, there is also a link in certview.oracle.com. You can access all your gifts and compliments from the Oracle team there! You'll have access to your ecertificate, logo, digital badge for sharing and option to verify your certification to a 3rd party.


                    Thanks for your interest in furthering your Oracle learning!



                    Brandye Barrington

                    Oracle Certification Program