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    Configuration problem of OBIEE 12c in Solaris 11 system after installation.


      Dear All,

      I need a quick help to solve this issue.

      We installed Oracle Solaris 11.3 Live Media in a system. We tried to install OBIEE version in this OS (Solaris 11.3). We have installed Weblogic server (Infrastructure) and OBIEE in this OS.

      We have done a perfect installation and RCU creation without any error in Solaris 11.3 system (Oracle DB version in another system). But at the time of configuration OBIEE 12c it gives error at 72%. Below is the screenshot.




      We did not move forward and not complete the configuration. We already setup the network as static IP before start the installation process.

      Kindly help us to solve this issue as early as possible.

      If required we will provide the configuration log file.





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