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    Negotiation Award Approval by Project

    Chris Maldonado-Martinez



      I am working on an implementation for Oracle Sourcing Cloud Service. The client would like for the award approvals to follow the similar approval flows that are designed for requisitions and POs. While I am able to set up the various stages I am encountering one issue which is routing to a Project Manger. This is due in part to there being no distribution on the Negotiation where project fields can be associated to the negotiation. Does anyone know of a way to flag/ tag a particular negotiation as being part of a project? I have not found much helpful information but am thinking that I might be able to use a DFF on the header or even on the line of the negotiation, but wanted to make sure there was not an easier way that I do not know.


      The second half of this is that upon completion of the award we will be creating the PO document and will need to find a way to derive the correct distribution including Project fields: project, task, expenditure type, and expenditure org.