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    Multi-Year Load - Planning_App1 (BSO) to Planning_App2 (ASO) - Same Year?!


      Good Day Everyone,


      I am attempting to use FDMEE ( to move data from a BSO cube in one Planning app to an ASO cube in another.


      This works just fine if I do a single year at a time (Jan-Dec). But if I do three years, the dataset for the first year (FY18) gets loaded into the out years (FY19 + FY20).


      Oddly enough, the .dat file includes 'FY19' and 'FY20' in it, and looks right at first blush. The load rule generated for the ASO cube in EAS doesn't seem right.


      So, is there something important I have missed? I've built out the global and application period mapping. Using Explicit period mapping would be a nice option, but my Planning apps don't show as 'Source Applications' in 'Source Mapping'.