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    Unable to create connection to Subversion


      I am trying to setup a connection with SQL Developer to our internal Subversion server and I am receiving the following error: getting the following error:


      Testing read access for repository https://xxx.xxx.xxx/svn/Repository...

      svn: E170001: Negotiate authentication failed: 'No valid credentials provided'

      Access refused.

      Verify user name, password and URL are valid.


      I am attempting to modify the Subversion servers configuration file and am getting the following error when clicking on the Preferences > Versioning > Subversion General > Edit "server" button. Even if I select the correct file SQL developer is not remembering the file location the next time I click on the button.


      Failed to find Subversion configuration file "servers", please locate the file manually.


      SQL Server details:

      SQL Developer version: (Build 17.089.1709)

      Java Version: 1.8.0_121


      Environment details:

      • Our internal SVN server is using internally signed SSL certificates.
      • We have an internal proxy server