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    Cloning stockup on port?


      Hi ALL,


      EBS R12.2.6




      We are cloning our EBS on  new server. But we have issues when running the clone at checking port.

      It hangs and seems can not find the port lists?


      [oraprod1@af0e12 bin]$ perl adcfgclone.pl dbTier


                           Copyright (c) 2002, 2015 Oracle Corporation

                              Redwood Shores, California, USA


                              Oracle E-Business Suite Rapid Clone


                                       Version 12.2


                            adcfgclone Version 120.63.12020000.56


      Enter the APPS password :


      Running: Context clone...


      Log file located at /u02/oraprod1/PROD1/12.1.0/appsutil/clone/bin/CloneContext_0825012357.log


      Provide the values required for creation of the new Database Context file.


      Target System Hostname (virtual or normal) [af0e12] :


      Target Instance is RAC (y/n) [n] :


      Target System Database SID : PROD1


      Target System Base Directory : /u02/oraprod1/PROD1


      Target System utl_file_dir Directory List : /tmp


      Number of DATA_TOP's on the Target System [1] :


      Target System DATA_TOP Directory 1 [/u02/oraprod1/PROD1/data] :


      Target System RDBMS ORACLE_HOME Directory [/u02/oraprod1/PROD1/12.1.0] :


      Do you want to preserve the Display [fitr12:0.0] (y/n)  : n


      Target System Display [af0e12:0.0] :


      Do you want the target system to have the same port values as the source system (y/n) [y] ? : n


      Target System Port Pool [0-99] : 10


      Checking the port pool 10  << taking soooo long???



      Please helpppp...



      Kind regards,


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          Looks like port is currently clocked by another process,  the port needs to be released prior to run the cloning.


          You may check the ports to confirm whether those are being used as root user

          lsof |grep <port numnber>

          netstat -a |grep <port numnber>


          Then Kill the process which have already occupied the port..

          Restart the Clone script


          Hope this helps




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            Prashant Umap

            Hello Jc,


            Thanks for your port, Please check this MOS - 1273091.1


            Prashant Umap

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              Thanks all,


              Is the term correct? is it stockup or stackup?


              The sysadmin said,  he remove this server from the DNS?  because it is going to be given to "outsiders"  for project outsourcing  implementors,

              and we do not want them to access our production network.

              Before this TEST server was joined to our DNS for example  dev1.myoracle.com.

              Now it is removed and set to  standalone? But I can not understand why It hang with a port?

              Because I have done many times cloning in my standalone laptop with Virtual Box without DNS. I just can name it  anything e.g. dev1.myoracle.com and it is good.

              But I really do not understand what actual DNS is doing?


              Do I need to ping the hostname+dns first?



              Please help...



              Kind regards,

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                Hi JC


                check is this ip resolving in your domain with nslookup command


                If system currently in your network ask your sysadmin to check port pool 10 i.e 1531 port is opened or closed state , if not tell him to open the port


                And why need to remove the system from your domain to give access to other vendors, ask your sys admin to host the machine, so vendors can access the system across the globe




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                  Thanks all