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    Cannot view PL/SQL compilation errors in Version




      I am using SQL Developer, Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production


      After I compile a PL/SQL DB package, I am unable to view the compilation errors.  I get the Messages - Log window that just tells me that the package has Compiled.  But if I have an error to my code, I still just get "Compiled" and no messages are displayed.  I have to check the Packages folder in the Connections pane to see if my package has an error or not.


      I know that for previous versions of SQL Developer I could delete a file (windowinglayoutdefauld.xml) and restart SQL Developer and I would get my default settings back.  However, I searched and could not find this file.


      Also, selecting View -> Log does nothing.


      Any ideas on how I can get my compilation error pane back?




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