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    Manual Interactive Grid




      We are doing feasibility study on using oracle application express.


      Our proposed application design is :-

      1.     All the page will call same PL/SQL unit [ pkg_controller.fn_process_request]

      2.     Each page will have its own PL/SQL unit. pkg_controller.fn_process_request will call the PL/SQL program unit corresponding to the page dynamically.

      3.     Each PL/SQL program unit corresponding to page will have same design.

                            a. Assign field data to variables (collection type having the same structure as the underlying table).

                            b. Executing the process associated with the page

                            c. Saving the data.


      My question is :-

      How to access the data in Interactive Grid in PLSQL unit. I want to assign the IG data to pl/sql collection.



      To access a field P1_DATE_OF_BIRTH , i am using v('P1_DATE_OF_BIRTH') in pl/sql unit. In the same way how can i access all the rows of Interactive Gird in pl/sql unit.