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    LCM Data Load Rules


      Hi everyone,


      we need to move from certification to production a large amount of data load rules. The rules contain values for the following parameters:



      we figured out that the LCM export of FDMEE artifacts do not contain these values.

      How can I comfortably move these from one environemnt to another?


      Many thanks in advance.

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          Which version of FDMEE? I take it this is for open interface adaptor rules, are you saying the LCM exported "Data Load Rule.xml" does not contain the source options, an example in is:






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            We are on

            Yes, I am talking about the "source filters". The value assigned in development for these parameters, we simply do not find it in production environment, even after a full (all FDMEE artifacts) LCM export.

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              It should still export the source options, have you checked the "Data Load Rule.xml" file to see if the source filters are in the LCM file.

              You can also check the FDMEE database tables on the target environment, if you look at AIF_BALANCE_RULES and AIF_BAL_RULE_PARAMS you should see if the values have been imported, I know if there are inconsistencies with the parameter_id then they will not show in the rule, it is possible to edit/insert into the AIF_BAL_RULE_PARAMS table to display the source filters though it has to be done correctly.


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                Hereunder is a portion of the Data Load Rule.xml (it is repeated as many times as the number of the data load rules extracted). indeed I can see:













                So this should mean that the two parameters are extracted (see parameterID 22 and 23)... now I should see on the production FDMEE DB whether these parameters were imported or not. At the moment unfortunately I cannot access the Production DB of the client. As soon as I regain access I will update this thread.

                Many thanks for your support John.

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                  Francisco Amores



                  that's a known bug in FDMEE. ParameterId should not be exported as they will be different in target environment.


                  If you have access to the DB, you can change parameter id accordingly after you import with LCM.



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                    Indeed it is bug. This is solved in

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                      Even though it is a bug as you are still on there is a workaround by updating the parameter ids in AIF_BAL_RULE_PARAMS after an LCM import or in "Data Load Rule.xml" before an LCM import.



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                        Francisco Amores

                        Of course :-)

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                          Yes we are adopting the workaround