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    Peoplesoft - Ariba Integration for FSCM 9.2 implementation


      Hello ,


      We are currently Implementing Peoplesoft 9.2 FSCM for our customer.

      Currently the version we are in is 8.0 and it would be an implementation rather considering it as an upgrade.

      We have around 10 interfaces flowing in between PS <-> ARIBA and knowing the fact that Peoplesoft has a delivered approach of integrations with Ariba vendor.

      URL referenced below,




      Per my understanding,the delivered approach would involve something like DB Connectors / adapters for import/export events.


      Our customer has also implemented the Oracle middleware suite SOA to be an intermediate resource acting as a bridge between Peoplesoft and any external 3rd party vendor.

      So,the interfaces we send/receive from Ariba flows via the SOA layer who primarily does the transformation rules as needed by these systems per interface based on the functional need.


      Hence,with all these assumptions do we have a POC completed or more informations related to this kind of a environmental situation ,can still the delivered PS - ARIBA delivered approach provided can work in tandem with SOA layer too or is this delivered integration functionality be applicable only on a direct integration between PS <-> ARIBA.


      Please treat this on priority and would appreciate any inputs on these kind of integrations using the delivered DB Connector feature.