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    SQL Developer 17.2 bug: ORA-00942 error when expandig DBMS-Jobs


      The latest SQL Developer version gives an error message when expanding Scheduler -> DBMS-Jobs: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

      It works fine with SQL Developer 4.1.3 (same database, same schema).


      Going into details I identified a change of the SQL query retreiving the list of jobs as root cause:


      Previous versions used the commandSELECT job || '' "JOB"

        FROM all_jobs

      WHERE schema_user = :schema


      In version 17.2 this command is used

      SELECT job || '' "JOB"

        FROM dba_jobs

      WHERE schema_user = :schema


      The schema accounts we use for development normally don't have privileges to access dba objects like dba_jobs.

      Is there any reason for this change, which rather looks like a bug to me?