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    FDMee Admin function not working




      We are currently upgrading from FDM to FDMee


      In the old system, as the FDM Admin, i was automatically able to set the "Period" POV for all users - basically, by signing in as "Admin", changing the period, then signing out - at that point, I have set the Period POV for everyone ins the system - and the users are unable to change this value to navigate to any other period.


      In FDMee - even though the Admin guide seems to say that this functionality is the same (Page 1-26), it doesn't seem to work.  I can change the period, but even when I log back in, the period goes back to some default that was set I guess during the initial installation (it's defaulting "MAR - 2020" regardless of what I change it to).


      I am fully provisioned as Admin - with Administrator rights and provisioning rights.


      Are we missing something in the configuration or security setup?